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Something about us

We are a group of nature lovers who have decided to stop ignoring the problem and face it.  


Everywhere you go there is garbage that people leave behind. It is not possible to take a walk in nature or lie down in the grass by the lake without encountering an army of cigarette butts and countless other waste.  


Therefore we have decided to meet once a week and clean up the closest areas in Nature from waste, where animals are most at risk of having bad encounters by swallowing the dustbin.

At each appointment, the people passing by complimented us, even starting to ask us if we were part of a collection group.  

So we decided to create one.


We currently meet every Saturday at 2.00 pm in a previously decided area of the Mendrisiotto. If necessary, we can move even further, as for the Clean Up Day in Sementina.  

We have also decided to create a monthly collection on Sunday, so that even those who cannot on Saturday have the opportunity to help us in this mission.


We are always looking for nature-loving volunteers who want to make a contribution for the environment, for animals, for Nature. 

Chi siamo: Chi siamo
Chi siamo

to make the difference

19.046,0 Lb

This is the total weight of the waste we have collected.


79.487.201 ft²

The area we searched for waste.

198 events

Thanks to all these volunteers, we managed to collect over eight tons of waste throughout the Mendrisiotto and nearby Lugano in a total of 198 events.

2.454.608 fl. oz.

This is the volume of waste we found. The range of types of waste that we can find is very wide. There are objects that weigh little but are still large, such as polystyrene. We therefore decided to measure our findings not only by weight, but also by volume.


19 municipalities

19, are the municipalities of the Mendrisio district and the nearby Lugano area that support us.

Supporting us: Mendrisio; Melide; Maroggia; Breggia; Morbio Inferiore; Novazzano; Brusino Arsizio; Melano; Rovio; Arogno; Noise; Balerna; Vacallo; Coldrerio; Muzzano; Riva San Vitale; Stabio; Capriasca; Lugano. 

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