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If you notice, there is a paw in our logo. This is because Gruppo Verde Speranza was born not only to clean up green areas of waste, but to help Nature in as many ways as possible, and among these, there is also directly helping the fauna. The name of the section derives from the homonymous Goddess, who among other things is the protector of animals.

Sezione Diana: Benvenuto

Eliminating waste from woods and waters already gives additional hope, that animals such as fish and ducks avoid dying by suffocating from plastics; or that foxes, hares and many other furry friends die of asphyxiation with their heads in some jar or bag in the woods. 

But sometimes this is not enough. 

As in this case, where in the current period the amphibians migrate from their winter burrows to go and reproduce in the ponds, many times being victims of manholes or cars. 

The first voluntary action of mine and Denis was just this, and it gratified us to the point of founding the Gruppo Verde Speranza. 

Interacting directly with wild animals and knowing that you have helped them and even saved their life is a far greater feeling than gratifying. 

Sezione Diana: Testo

For those interested, until about April,  Gruppo Verde Speranza will help WWF volunteers with amphibious rescue in the villages: Meride, Castel San Pietro and Somazzo. 

These appointments are held during the amphibian hours of activity from 19:00 to 21:00 approximately, on any evening of the week, at the discretion of the volunteers.

Anyone interested do not hesitate to contact us for more information. 

To save the world, we start here! 

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