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The Gruppo Verde Speranza invites volunteers to register for events based on their abilities and to pay due attention during these. The Gruppo Verde Speranza  urges minors who want to participate in the events to come accompanied by an adult. By taking part in the events, you confirm that you are aware of what is here written.

The Gruppo Verde Speranza (including all its associates and responsible membersdeclines any responsibility.


Type of events

Listed below are the various types of activities we offer at our events, according to the various sections.

Waste Collection Section

Our main area of activity, where we have already collected several tons of waste and sieved millions of square meters. Thousands of participants, including Timberland and The North Face VF, La Festa Della Musica Mendrisio, StraLugano, Rotary and Rotaract Club.

Every weekend we go to clean green areas (such as woods, lakes, rivers and parks) from abandoned waste.


It is important to us that the volunteers have fun and have good adventures, that's why we vary the events a lot. There is something for all tastes!

Events are proposed based on the season and the temperature, in order to respect Nature and its rhythms (no entry into the rivers when the amphibians lay their eggs, or to avoid damaging the undergrowth), but also to make the stay pleasant for volunteers.


Classic Event 

This is the first kind of event we have held, the classic GVSr. Meeting around 14:00 on Saturday, for a duration of at least 2 hours. In this type of waste collection, the aim is to free specific areas of waste, which is usually very present. These are highly polluted areas such as old landfills or illegal landfills, but also places where work has been carried out but no attention has been paid to pollution. There can be many situations causing it. They are generally stationary collections. It collects a high volume and weight of garbage. Different supports of the material of the GVSr are employed, such as bolt cutters, hoes, chains and others. They are the most beautiful and rewarding kind of event, wild and in close contact with Nature. The record for a collection of this kind is over 300 kg in one day.

There are several subtypes:


Classic Bosco Event 🌳

They are the ones with the record collections of material. Full immersion in nature, in the woods, where once all the rubbish was abandoned. We use a lot of different equipment. (Record of over 350 kg collected in one day).
These events take place almost exclusively in winter, to avoid disturbing the undergrowth.

Classic Amphibian Event 🐸

Substantial collection where waders are worn and rivers or lakes entered. Generally high volume and not weight, because all the lighter things are found carried by the current, but still of considerable size. 

These events take place almost exclusively in winter, to avoid disturbing the amphibian eggs and/or fauna.

Classic Park Event 🌼

They are the quietest events in the series, and the most boring ones, but these are needed too! We sift through a public park, the classic lawns and benches. In which people usually abandon everything. Lots of small waste but still dangerous for wildlife if ingested.
These events are few and usually offered in mid-season.

Little Mermaid Classic Event🧜‍♀️

Typically summer events in which we dive into the lakes to recover everything that plagues it. They are among the most pleasant because, with the high temperatures, we are soaking in the cool water while carrying out a useful activity.

Depending on availability we also make use of canoes, stan-up paddles or other boats to also clean the surface of the water of floating waste with our nets, or using the powerful magnets for submerged ones.

Events offered only in summer. 

Trail Sunday ⛰

Series of events proposed from autumn 2021. Here the goal is to make our volunteers discover the area, along a beautiful path that leads from the meeting place to a panoramic point (generally a peak, but also other places such as mountain lakes and similar ). The meeting point is generally around 10:00 or 09:00 on the Sunday of the first full weekend of the month. It lasts what it lasts, but usually until the end of the afternoon, to keep up with everyone's pace.

The amount of rubbish is quite low (maximum one 17L bag for each volunteer), this is because it is a collection that takes place over several hours and several kilometres.

These events are proposed in the cold period (October-February) in order to vary the offer during the classic harvest period.

Saturday Morning Walk 🦋

Series of events from November 2022. It is designed to reach a different audience than the usual one of classic events. This is because many people still do not know the AGVSr or cannot attend the classic events due to time or performance issues. They generally start at 10:00 and finish at 12:00 on Saturday mornings. Events that take place in parallel with the classics, therefore usually every weekend. The substance is practically that of Saturday Evening Summer but designed for the autumn and spring period where the light goes down earlier. However, it is possible that they are not all on the plain, but with a slight up and down hill.

On a Trip!🚶‍♂️

A completely new series of events for the spring and summer proposal from 2023. A type of event designed for those who want to stroll but which is something more than strolls, and not so much as an excursion. Designed for families who want to be in nature but also doing something useful for the environment. Undemanding, but equally stimulating, they are also proposed in the in-between periods, just when you don't know what to do because it's not yet warm enough to immerse yourself in the lakes, and when it's not cold enough to hole up indoors for hibernation.

An example is the trip organized to the castle of Tremona, with the possibility of renting glasses at the infopoint for a virtual tour on the spot.

Events proposed in spring and autumn.

Saturday night summer 🌇

This series of events started in summer 2022 due to extremely hot and arid weather. Not having the possibility to carry out the events during the day in dry conditions due to the heat, not being able to go to the rivers because they are dry or with restrictions for the protection of fish fauna, and not being able to go to the lakes due to the toxic algae, we decided to propose evening events. 

Generally from 19:00 until 21:00 it is an extremely quiet event. A walk on the plain (peculiarity of the series of events) for an hour's outward journey and an hour's return, in parks or green areas. The amount of waste is slightly higher than that of the Sundays of the Paths. 

These events have found some success, precisely due to the lightness, tranquility and beauty of the places visited and helped.

This series of events is proposed in the summer period.

Hiking event🏞

Things get serious! An event that is part of the new 2023 event management package. Designed to vary the offer of events, to involve a wider audience, for those who want to experience adventures together with other nature lovers, and with the desire to do something concrete at the volunteer level.

These are true summer excursions. It leaves in the morning and returns in the evening. The idea is to explore all of our beautiful territory. Packed lunch, a couple of garbage bags, and lots of wonder in the mountains.

Events proposed in the summer period.

Trekking event🏕

One more level of adventure. Designed for hiking and nature lovers, we have been offering Trekking Events since 2023. These are events by reservation with limited places based on the place you visit. Because we will contact the refuges and spend the night in the mountains, in order to visit magical places without any hurry that would otherwise require a faster pace. But fear not, nothing exaggerated. We aim to sleep in free shelters to offer the possibility of enjoying a walk in complete tranquility, without the rush of having to return before dark.

Events proposed in the hot period.

Awareness section

In the Awareness Section we aim for greater caution in the new generations, but also for anyone who is unrelated to the reality of waste, especially in our area. 

Awareness raising in schools

We organize lessons for elementary, high school and university students, in which we present the Association and above all why it was necessary to found it. If possible, depending on the weather, we also offer interactive activities such as educational games (such as the trash time board or trash circle shooting), but also small gatherings around the school.

Awareness raising in markets and demonstrations 🏤

In this case we attend the events of markets or exhibitions with an information stand with signs and photos of our work. Usually there are also one or two fairground games. We also offer the possibility of contributing to the purchase of garbage bags used by us for waste collections.


Diana section

The Diana section deals with wildlife support, i.e. volunteering directly linked to wildlife.

Amphibian Rescue 

During the amphibian migration period (usually February-April), we help WWF with their task of rescuing the amphibians during their evening migration. They are beautiful events where you come into direct contact with wild animals, who depend on your help for survival.

Events are very elastic, being needed every day for two months. Anyone interested can announce his availability to our Manager Denis (gruppoverdesperanza.dda@gmail.comor on 076 527 53 01).

Tipi di evento
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